Actionable insights and strategic value you won’t find anywhere else.

Evidation delivers all the pieces of the puzzle to provide a more holistic view of the patients’ lived experience.
Puzzle Chart Infographic


Clients work with Evidation to drive evidence strategies and to gain actionable insights into patients' lived experiences between clinic visits:

Rapid Insights
  • Quickly engage cohorts of individuals

  • Build your cohort based on therapeutic areas, clinical factors, and demographics

  • Using data from wearable devices, capture near real-time measurements about an individual’s lived experience

  • Subjective and objective insights

Patient Insights
  • Identify and describe target patients based on their real-world behaviors and disease impact

  • Quantify how disease impacts an individual’s quality of life and activities of daily living

  • Correlate the data to key events

Disease Insights
  • Detect, describe, and predict disease events and changes in an individual’s health status

  • Measure an individual’s disease progression and recovery over time

  • Correlate the data to key events

We deploy a proven approach, incorporating our experience conducting over 200 studies, that reliably delivers results. Given our connectivity with highly engaged individuals, we deliver faster and more cost-effectively.