Better data, better outcomes: Migraine

July 17th | 12:30pm PT

Challenges in migraine management include high rates of treatment nonresponse, varying individual responses to a medication or dose, and difficulties in treatment access.

To better understand real-world experiences with migraine, we surveyed over 21,000 Evidation Members with the condition, the majority of whom also had a connected wearable device. ~40% of respondents have not seen a healthcare provider for their migraine in the last year, meaning their experiences are missing from traditional EHR and claims data.

Join us in our upcoming Lunch & Learn as we share what you can uncover with a richer, more longitudinal data set, including insights about: 

  • Migraine symptoms and treatment initiation, including type of treatment (OTC vs prescription)
  • The first 90 days of treatment, including effects on symptoms, sleep, and activity
  • Overall migraine management, including treatment decisions, effectiveness, and switching
About the Speaker

Ernesto Ramirez

Director, Consumer Research & Programs

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