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Special Issue: “The Future of Digital Health.”

Issue published: November 30, 2020 

Evidation Health and Karger co-hosted a discussion on how current advancements in digital measures will be the building blocks for digitally-enabled, patient centric transformation. Watch “The Future of Digital Health” fireside chat here.

Thank you for joining our interactive workshop with the authors of the publications, co-hosted by Evidation and the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe). Watch the workshop here.





We believe that digital measures, based on person-generated health data, are foundational to a healthier future in which care is proactive, personalized, and convenient. The time is now to begin consolidating outcomes from experimentation and pilot programs into meaningful progress towards transformation of the healthcare industry. 

The special issue brings together invited contributions from leaders in the field and focuses on three areas critical to building foundations for healthcare: further maturation of our existing capabilities, continued expansion of new capabilities and investment into the next generation of researchers who will carry the field forward.

See below for more information on each publication in this special issue.


How current capabilities are gaining regulatory and payor acceptance, further refining deployment and perspectives on next steps and challenges

Precompetitive consensus building to facilitate use of digital health technologies to support Parkinson’s disease drug development through regulatory science

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Author: Diane Stephenson et al


Robust step detection from different waist-worn sensor positions – implications for clinical studies

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Author: Matthias Tietsch et al



‘It’s not as simple as just looking at one chart’: A qualitative study exploring clinician’s opinions on various visualization strategies to represent longitudinal actigraphy data

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Author: Alison Keogh et al

The Path Forward for Digital Measures: Suppressing the Desire to Compare Apples and Pineapples

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Author: Carrie R Houts et al

Development, validation and approval of digital mobility outcomes: the Mobilize-D approach

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Author: Lynn Rochester et al

Emerging Capabilities

Original research on passive, multimodal, predictive, behavioral measures and applications